Surfski paddling is not straightforward; there are a lot of different aspects to the sport. If you would like some friendly advice or just someone to paddle with in challenging conditions, join us for an hour of relaxed coaching.


The sessions are biased towards beginners, the most important aim is to get to a stage where you are comfortable in the ski and not nervous about falling out.


Things we look at include:


        How to carry a ski.

        What to wear (cold, hot, sun, high viz, safety).

        How so use your paddle to stay upright (brace strokes).

        Weather (wind, waves, fog).

        Safety gear (lifejackets, leash).

        Wind: Headwind, tailwind, sidewind, turning from headwind to tailwind.

        Getting back into your ski after falling out (when itís warm enough).

        Surfing (wind chop, ocean swells, catching waves).



$30 (bring your own ski), $50 and we provide a ski of your choice.


Times: Sunday mornings at 10am or by arrangement.


Email or ring/txt (0212158327) to arrange a session.