Freight of skis within New Zealand


North Island:

I have used Efficient Carrying Company to send about 40 skis so far and have had very few issues with them.


The system works as follows:

I drop the ski off at their depot in Auckland.

You need to pick the ski up at the receiving depot, Wellington, Napier or New Plymouth.

Cost is $180.


Efficient also does door to door, contact them directly to organize.


South Island:

Transporting boats between the North and South Island has become very difficult and expensive. Shop around, but consider any quote of less than $500 door to door as very attractive. As a result Iíve started kayak delivery trips to and from the South Island.


Kayaks trailer trips

There will typically be one trip in October/November, a second in March/April and possibly a third if there is enough demand. Itís not worth doing a trailer trip with less than 12 boats, so exact timing of the trips will depend on bookings.


Cost is $250/boat for door to door delivery from Auckland North Shore to Nelson, Christchurch and anywhere along the way.

Auckland to Wellington is $150.


Unfortunately due to a bad experience where I ended up transporting a double multisport boat from Nelson to Hamilton for a paddler in Whangamata for no payment, I will no longer transport boats for third parties I donít know.


Freight of skis outside New Zealand


We will only send skis overseas if the buyer sorts out ALL the export paperwork. The only thing we will provide is a GST invoice and transport to the freight depot.


For worldwide Fenn agents go here.