Freight of skis within New Zealand


North Island:

I have used Efficient Carrying Company to send over 50 skis so far and they are excellent to work with.


The system works as follows:

I drop the ski off at their depot in Auckland.

You need to pick the ski up at the receiving depot, Wellington, Napier or New Plymouth.

Cost is $180.


Efficient also does door to door, contact them directly to organize.


South Island:

Transporting boats between the North and South Island has become difficult and expensive. By far the best option Iíve found is with Canterbury Bulk Freight. Before even starting, they DO NOT offer insurance cover. You will need to organize insurance yourself if you want cover.

Cost to Christchurch for pickup at their Rolleston depot (which is not always open): $210.

Cost to Christchurch to an address where there is always someone during business hours: $275.

Cost to Nelson to an address where there is always someone during business hours: $310.

Canterbury Bulk Freight does not have a depot in Nelson.

Pickup is usually on a Wednesday, expect delivery to take one to two weeks from then.


The last two years Iíve also been doing kayak delivery trips to and from the South Island and have transported more than 50 skis so far.


Kayaks delivery trips

There will typically be one trip in October/November, a second in March/April and possibly a third if there is enough demand. Itís not worth doing a trailer trip with less than 12 boats, so exact timing of the trips will depend on bookings.


Cost is $250/boat for door to door delivery from Auckland North Shore to Nelson, Christchurch and anywhere along the way.

Auckland to Wellington is $150.


Freight of skis outside New Zealand


We will only send skis overseas if the buyer sorts out ALL the export paperwork. The only thing we will provide is a GST invoice and transport to the freight depot.


For worldwide Fenn agents go here.