I usually have paddles in stock, either Fenn or other brands.


Fenn paddles are full carbon and come in five shapes, Fenn 1, Fenn 3, Fenn 4, Fenn 5 and Fenn 6.


Fenn 1: Similar to Lettman shape, long and skinny blade.

Fenn 3: Popular medium size blade.

Fenn 4: Similar to Bracsa shape, aggressive catch.

Fenn 5: Small size.

Fenn 6: Simialr to Jantex shape.


Some notes about buying paddles:

For the newbie the choice of paddle is usually a nightmare. There are so many different theories and marketing stunts that it becomes impossible to find the perfect paddle, it is either too big or too small or too long or too short or not enough catch or too much catch or too narrow or too wide or too heavy shaft or too heavy blades or whatever else someone could think of.


I could paddle with any paddle sold in NZ but find that I am comfortable with about 75% of them and the last 25% have some characteristic that I do not like. Weirdly enough it is often the same characteristic that other people like in a paddle.


I used to paddle with a 218cm long paddle but now paddle 212cm, and the main reason is that I once forgot my paddle behind and had to borrow a short paddle for a race. Five years later I am still paddling with that paddle.


So my personal view is that it does not really matter all that much which paddle you use. If it feels good stick with it, if it doesn’t feel good try something else.


For the record I paddle with a 212cm fixed length Fenn 1 paddle.