PRICES (All prices include GST)


Glass skis:

LS and Tarpon S (without SLSA approval label, weight 18kg): $2000.

Spark (old stock glass construction, weight ~17kg): $1900.


Poly vac skis (weight ~ 16 to 17kg): $2200.


Vacuum glass skis:

Ocean racing skis (weight ~ 14 to 15kg): $2700.

LS and Tarpon S (without SLSA approval label, weight 18kg): $2700.


Hybrid skis (weight ~ 12 to 13kg): $3300.


Carbon skis (weight ~ 10 to 11kg): $4200.


Double skis (Poly vac construction ~24kg): $3300.

Double skis (Carbon construction ~17kg): $5500.



Fenn adjustable: $400


SLSA approval label (for SLS skis)

SLSA approval label fitted on a Tarpon S or LS ski: $500.




We do not have plastic card facilities.


The preferred means of payment is by direct transfer into:

Account name: Fenn Kayaks Limited

ANZ account no: 06-0889-0363219-00


Cheques also accepted.


Lately I've started trusting people who promised to "pay tonight" when they actually meant that they won't pay tonight. I've given up on chasing payment so were unfortunately back to the rule of stuff only leaves the warehouse after its been paid for.