PRICES (All prices include GST)


Ocean racing skis:

Honeycomb construction (weight 8.6kg): $6000

Carbon construction (weight ~ 10 to 11kg): $4200.

Hybrid construction (weight ~ 12.5kg): $3300

Vacuum glass construction (weight ~ 14.5kg): $2700

Poly vac skis (weight ~ 16kg): $2200.

Glass construction (weight ~17kg): $1800.

Bonito (children ski): $1800.


Surf lifesaving skis (LS and Tarpon S):

Glass construction (with NZSLS approval label, 18kg): $2000

Vacuum glass construction (with NZSLS approval label, 18kg): $2700


Double skis:

Poly vac construction ~24kg: $3300.

Carbon construction ~17kg: $5500.


K1 kayaks:

Poly vac construction (12kg): $2000

Full carbon construction (8kg): $4200



Fenn adjustable: $400




We do not have credit card or EFTPOS facilities.


The preferred means of payment is by direct transfer into:

Account name: Fenn Kayaks Limited

ANZ account no: 06-0889-0363219-00


Cheques also accepted.