Rudder installation


To install a new rudder:


1) Remove the black carbon cover at the rear of the ski. Use a Pozi #2 screwdriver to remove the screw.

2) Remove the nut on top of the old rudder and slide it out. Remove all washers.
3) Remove the nut and all the washers from the new rudder.
4) Slide the new rudder in from the bottom of the ski.
5) Add 8mm flat washers as required. See step 9 to work out the correct number of washers.
6) Slide on the bar with rudder cables attached. Make sure the square hole lines up with the square machined on the shaft.
7) Add the 6mm lock washer.
8) Screw on the M6 nylock nut and tighten with a 10mm spanner or socket.

9) When tightening watch the gap between the rudder and the bottom of the boat. If the rudder pulls against the boat before the nut is fully tightened remove a 8mm washer. If the gap is more than 1mm with the nut fully tightened, add 8mm washers as required.

9) After the M6 nut is tight replace the black carbon cover. Donít overtighten the screw, only tighten until the cover doesnít move anymore.