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Fenn Kayaks does not deal in second hand skis.

Sportzhub is an excellent website for buying/selling all kinds of second hand kayaks and surfskis. Also try TradeMe, there is the occasional ski on there.

If you have a Fenn ski for sale, or want to buy a second hand Fenn ski, email me at and I will include you in the list below.

Please do not ring or email asking if I know of any second hand skis for sale, all the skis I know of are on the list below.


Fenn skis for sale



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Oskar Stielau

Full carbon skis only paddled at King of the Harbour. Glide and Spark available.

From $3500

021 2158327


Oskar Stielau

Hybrid Elite S only paddled at King of the Harbour.


021 2158327


Oskar Stielau

Glass Elite, ex demo ski.


021 2158327


Lance Gilbertson

LS shallow seat, SLSA certified.

$2000 ono

021 304181

Murray Wilson

Glass XT, one year old in good condition.


021 900532

Paul Gillard

Carbon Elite S


027 6238366

Priscilla Geldenhuys


Glass XT, really good condition, hardly used.

$1500 neg

021 2087863


Kevin Scharvi


Fenn LS low seat and Fenn 4 paddle, both hardly used. SLSA certified



0212777162                       kkscharvi@gmail.com


John Ashley

Carbon Swordfish plus Fenn paddle


021 848371



Fenn skis wanted



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Lists cleaned up 21/06/2017

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