Spares and repairs


We try to always have the following spares in stock:

- Rudders: Full carbon $100. Fenn only makes one shape, for other shapes click here.

- Rudder cable ($1/m), adjustable cable fasteners ($20 per set).

- Mocke life jackets ($180). More than 60N floatation.

- Wave deflectors, full carbon, very lightweight ($80). Have one on my Elite S and it works beautifully on a big Takapuna day.

- Paddle bags, Mocke ($70) and Tripper ($75) (Sold out).

- Bungs ($2), also have nice round stickers that you can stick over the bung hole ($1 for 2)

- Complete footrest system $200.


Check here to see how to replace a rudder.


Rudder cable replacement usually takes about 15 minutes. Due to specialized crimping tools you will need to bring the ski in to replace rudder cables. If this is not possible go to your local boating supplier who should have 2mm stainless steel cable and the necessary crimping tools. Make sure the crimping ferrules are stainless or nickel coated, plain copper ferrules corrode very quickly.


Fenn Kayaks does not do fibreglass or carbon repairs. If you need fiberglass or carbon repairs done please go to your local boat repair shop or try one of the repairers listed below:


Steve Pennington

Boat Fix

58 Diana Drive, Wairau Valley

Tel: 021 908 156 or 09 441 2000


And for those doing repairs and wanting to know what resin the ski is made of:

Glass                                polyester resin

Poly vac                           polyester resin

Glass Vacuum                vinyl ester resin

Carbon Hybrid                epoxy resin

Carbon Vacuum                        epoxy resin